Piano, Synth & Accordion

Paolo Principi Quartet: "Consequence" (Paolo Principi's composition)


Theatre, Film, Games, New media

Radio Drama "La battaglia di Sentinum":
Original Composition, Audio Recording & Post-Production

sound designer

Programming, Sampling, Recording & Editing

Sampling for Musical Instruments, Sound Programming for Keyboards & Virtual Synths, Audio Recording, Audio Dubbing & Post-Production

interface design

Musical Instruments, GUI

Interface Design for Musial Instruments
Project Management, Graphic User Interface Design


Tutorials, Demo & More

Video Tutorials, Audio & Video Demos for Musical Instruments


A new Virtual Instrument! PSound by Paolo Principi introduces "World Musette", virtual instrument!  
In Concert with ... In concert with Stanley Samuelsen at Faroe Islands.  
Digital Music Course Digital Music Course by Paolo Principi (in Italy only)!  
Music & Sounds for ... Whirlpool International Meeting (Barcelona): Music, Sound Design and 5.1 mixing!  
A new Project: PSound PSound by Paolo Principi introduces "VIntage Accordions", virtual instrument!  
In Concert with ... In concert with Franco Cerri  
A New Soundtrack "Power Nando" preview!  
Synth Programming New Sounds for Studiologic Sledge! ... Coming soon!  
Paolo Principi Quartet New Musical Project Presentation at Teatro Alfieri, Montemarciano  
Interface Design Physis Piano released!  
Digital Sampling Making sounds for Numa Piano!  

Latest Video

Showreel 2014 My Video Presentation ... coming soon!  
Paolo Principi Quartet First Live Concert  
Studiologic Sledge New Sounds Video  
Physis Piano Tutorial Video  
Physis Piano On Stage video  

"To play without passion is inexcusable!"
Ludwig van Beethoven